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Your New Airedale Puppy
1. Food: Your puppy will do well on a high quality food such as Nutrisource puppy, Eukanuba medium breed puppy food or Iams puppy for the first four months of age. Offer puppy ½ cup of dry puppy food four times a day when you first bring him/her home. Leave the food down for 20 minutes and then put the dish out of puppy’s reach. Puppy may not eat all of the food at one time, but will be hungry at next feeding. Approximate times, dependent on your schedule would be 7 a.m., 11 a.m. 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. By the time puppy is 9 weeks of age you can stop the 7 p.m. feeding and give puppy a biscuit instead. Puppy’s amount of food needs to increase, as puppy gets bigger. If he eats all of the food in the first 5 to 10 minutes offer a little more. If he is still leaving a little food in the dish, he is getting enough. By the time puppy is four months of age he only needs to be fed twice a day, morning and around 5 p.m. At four months of age change the puppy to adult Nutrisource, adult maintenance Eukanuba or adult Iams. Some research indicates that feeding puppy food for too long can increase the incidence of hip dysplasia in dogs. The theory is that the higher percentage of protein found in puppy formulas can accelerate growth before the developing skeleton can support the weight. I have been feeding Airedale puppies in this way for 20 years and have had good results.
2. Water: Puppy should have access to a bowl of clean water most of the day.
                Airedales drink a lot of water compared to some other breeds.
3. Grooming: Many pet Airedales are clippered to King of Terrier look. Find a pet groomer in your area that is familiar with the Airedale. Your vet may be able to recommend a good groomer. In Winnipeg I recommend Dog Grooming by Darci phone 255-3611 on 684 Elizabeth Rd (east side of Winnipeg) and Classy Clips, phone 837-8140 at 3414 Roblin Blvd. (west side). Your puppy should go for his first visit by 12 weeks of age just to become familiar with the sights and sounds of a grooming shop. Ask the groomer to show you how to keep the nails cut in between regular groomings (approximately 3 to 4 times a year dependent on how short you like your Airedale). You can brush your Airedale with a slicker brush in between grooming to remove any dead hair, since they do not shed like other breeds.
4. House Training: The ideal way to house train a puppy is to buy a crate. Puppy should sleep in the crate and be carried out in the morning. If you let puppy walk, he may stop and pee on the way out. While he is small it pays to carry him out and put him down in the yard where you want to train him to go. Praise him lavishly when he goes. He can then come back in the house to eat. He needs to go out again once he finishes eating for 10 to 20 minutes until he eliminates . He will need to go out at least every two hours for the first couple of weeks until bedtime. He should sleep for 6 to 7 hours at night except for the first few nights he may cry to get out once during the night. Puppy will not want to soil his bed so for first few nights if he cries once it pays to take him out. If he is crying more than once, then ignore as it may be just for attention and you do not want to start giving attention for bad behavior (crying) unless it is to go outside. Use the crate if you are too busy to keep an eye on puppy. You do not want puppy to be wetting in the house so best to only have him free when you can keep an eye on him. If you are busy, put him in kennel with a safe toy (one he can’t choke on) and when you are again free to watch him, take him outside first for a pee, then give him some more free time. In approximately two weeks puppy will have a pretty good idea of what is expected if you are very consistent and don’t allow mistakes in the house.
5. Lead training: Start as soon as you are home. Put a collar and leash on puppy and let puppy lead you around for a while until he gets used to the feel of the collar. Then you lead and if he balks, get down on one knee and coax him to you. Then get up and gently tug and call him by name. He will soon know what you want. You can have a treat in your hand to show him and reward as he walks a few steps. Airedales learn best by praise and reward (treats).
6. Vaccinations: Your puppy has had a complete physical examination and his first set of vaccinations. He will need a booster shot at 12 weeks and again at 16 weeks. He will also need heartworm preventative medication. Please ask your veterinarian what he/she advises. Yearly veterinary checks for vaccinations and heartworm prevention will be required.
7. Bathing: Bathe your puppy only when necessary (muddy or smelly). Not more than monthly. Brushing regularly will keep coat free of dust and will keep his skin clean. Shampoo used too frequently, dries the coat and skin. Always rinse all of the soap out when you do bathe your puppy. .
8. Exercise: Airedales are active dogs and need to be exercised. Playing ball in your back yard, or a walk morning and evening are advisable once your puppy is four months of age. Prior to this puppy will get enough exercise just playing. Do not over exercise a young puppy by running with him, or taking your young Airedale with you while you cycle. They can damage their bones and joints if forced to over exercise before they are ready. Airedales are “terre-iers” and love to dig. Keep this in mind when you are preparing a yard for them. You may need to discourage digging if they are in your house yard (not a dog run). If you don’t want help with your gardening it will take time, when they are babies, for you to discourage their tendency to dig.
9. General training hints: Airedales are “thinkers”. Don’t ask them to do foolish things.
                                            If you ask an Airedale to do a “long down” in the sun they will get up                                             and move to the shade.
                                            Don’t bore your Airedale. They will never become robots. They like variety and hate being asked to do the same thing over and over in obedience.
                                            Use lots of positive motivation. They are happy dogs and want you to be happy too. Praise, praise, fun, fun. Be prepared to laugh with your dog .