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Your Kind of Dog?

Owning an Airedale is a big commitment. You need a fenced yard, time to play with and walk your puppy, and lots of patience. Puppies are like children, other peoples’ children are so cute and well behaved, but it takes lots of work to get them that way. If you have children, you will understand. You need to invest a lot of quality time with a puppy to have an adult Airedale that other humans will admire. A puppy needs regular vet checks, vaccinations, and an introduction to obedience training, preferably by a reputable trainer in a local Dog Club. If you are still interested in an Airedale, contact me and if I can not help you I will refer you to a reputable breeder in your area. Happy Airedaling.

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Got What it Takes?
Airedales are a double-coated breed, with a wiry outer coat, and a soft undercoat. They make an ideal pet for a cooler climate as they prefer the cold to extreme heat. They are 23-24" at the shoulder, weighing approximately 45 to 60 lbs. Airedales tend to be very patient with children and love nothing better than a good romp with kids, or to chase a ball for his master. They need a loving, but firm hand as they develop into adulthood, as they are mischievous, and can be stubborn. They love nothing better than to make their humans laugh. If you do not have a sense of humor, the Airedale may not be the breed for you.

Airedales usually do not cause any problem for people with allergies. They do not shed, but need grooming, either to be clipped, or stripped if you want to show your dog. Airedales have been trained for police work, search and rescue, upland game, water retrieving, and obedience. Airedales are very versatile and will be eager to get involved in anything you enjoy, as long as you make it fun. They get bored easily, once they learn something and need to continue to be challenged. He may not be the top breed in all the various pursuits, but he will likely be the one having the most fun while he is trying.

Keep coming back to these pages as we will be featuring grooming and training tips to help you compete with the pros, if you decide to show your Airedale. If you only want a nice looking pet, the grooming tips will keep your Airedale looking like a show dog, and it will also save you big grooming bills


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Learning to groom your dog can be very relaxing and your dog will enjoy the attention. A groomed Airedale is “drop-dead gorgeous” and will have people stopping you on the street to admire him/her. When you know you have accomplished this great feat on your own, you will feel amply rewarded. Once you learn the correct technique, and if you consistently put your dog on a table to groom once per week, you can have an Airedale like the one in the picture. I mean the picture on the right. If you choose not to groom you can own the corded one on the left. Both Airedales will amuse you, and love you just as much, but I think the one on the right is much more handsome. What do you think?
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