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About Us

We have been raising Airedales in our home in St. Andrews, Manitoba (15 minutes north of Winnipeg) for the past 15 years. Previous to this we lived in St. Clements, and Oakville, Manitoba. In those locations we had a larger acreage and raised other terriers, especially the Wire Fox and Cairn terriers. Since moving to St. Andrews we only raise the Airedale, the largest of the terriers and our personal favorite. Our puppies are raised in the house, with their location looking into our kitchen. They see us as we prepare our meals and we can evaluate them as we watch them play.

Currently we have one male, one adult female, and two puppies living with us. We have other females that live with their chosen families, and who come home to raise a litter. Our puppies are socialized with our grandchildren, and with our older Airedales. We spend a lot of time evaluating the puppies so that we can place the right puppy in each home. We have been satisfying discriminating Airedale puppy owners for over 30 years. Correct conformation, good temperaments, and healthy outgoing puppies are placed in new homes, and we are always available to answer any questions. We X ray hips of our breeding stock and have them evaluated prior to raising litters
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 Veronica, our grandchild, hoping to
choose a puppy of her own
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Linda with Willow at Montgomery
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Flynn guarding the Shawndee property